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Tools of the EPOS project
RDF tools
see FRODO Tools section or RDF2Java
Workflow management assistant tool for weakly structured processes with the concept of weakly structured workflows or agile knowledge workflows (our new term for this).
Semantic Desktop gnowsis
gnowsis is a personal semantic web desktop server - Semantic Desktop for short. Like a local webserver, that can be seen only by you and that contains your own files, emails, friends and photos. This semantic desktop will interact with the Personal Information Model (PIM)

Nepomuk Semantic Desktop The follow-up of the gnowsis Semantic Desktop

User Context Framework Hosts the platform for researchers and practitioners about user context. In our view, user context is the things that influence knowledge work. Through user observation a context-sensitive application can detect the user's current work context and support the user with suggestions and other services...

Mozilla Plugins for UserObservation
The enhanced Mozilla extensions are (soon) available as DragonTalk, an open-source project.
Nabu is a plugin for Jive Messenger, a server implementation of the Jabber Instant Messaging protocol. It provides server-side logging of chat conversations and related events. The logged data is stored in a semantic graph, using the RDF W3C standard.
JATKE is a Protégé plug-in that provides a unified platform for ontology learning. It is capable of employing and combining arbitrary modules, and thus provides a custom setup for every scenario. JATKE features three different module abstraction levels (Information/Source, Evidence, Proposal), hence facilitating easy reuse and combination of existing modules.
The Dragontalk project provides a set of extensions for the Mozilla products Thunderbird (email client) and Firefox (web browser). One of the goals of the project is to get information about the user's operations. For instance, if the user sends or replies to an email, Dragontalk sends a SendEmail or a ReplyToEmail event to some port where an XMLRPC listener can catch it. This is used to elicit the user's context automatically.
RDFHomepage creates personal homepages based on your RDF data. Never more duplicate the information in your bibtex, FOAF file, etc. by manually coding ugly and complicated HTML by hand! Let rdfhomepage create it for you!
grew out of the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop initiative: Aperture is a Java framework for extracting and querying full-text content and metadata from various information systems (e.g. file systems, web sites, mail boxes) and the file formats (e.g. documents, images) occurring in these systems. (also used in the Nepomuk project)
Visit also our department's Open Source platform for more tools such as a Semantic Wiki
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