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EPOS - Evolving Personal to Organizational Knowledge Spaces

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This is the homepage of the EPOS project

The objective of EPOS is to leverage a user’s efforts for his personal knowledge management for his own benefit as well as to evolve this within the organization. To reach this goal, EPOS addresses the following topics:

  • modeling user's workspace, techniques for user observation and context identification - click for more details on that project line.
  • description of information needs, query modification for collaborative information retrieval
  • communication structures in interacting knowledge workspaces
  • leveraging individual native information structures to models and ontologies, evidence calculation for ontology creation
  • communication and negotiation protocols on the meta-level
  • ontology-based visualization components, configuration rules for task-specific information-visualization

The EPOS project is successor of the FRODO (Framework for Distributed Organizational Memories) project and a lot of basic assumptions, methods, and techniques are grounded there. Here you can find resources on the DFKI homepage.

The project team:

EPOS project team: Leo Sauermann, Jan-Thies Heinrich, Sven Schwarz, Ludger van Elst, Andreas Lauer, Heiko Maus

The project has finished. The successor projects are:

  • EU Integrated Project Nepomuk
  • MyMory
  • ADIB - Adaptive Information Delivery
  • lots of components are published as open source at OpenDFKI
  • well, and finally also a DFKI spin-off the

2016: Research at DFKI goes on. Latest projects are:

  • We were part of the EU IP ForgetIT contributing with our new Semantic Desktop to Managed Forgetting, Contextualized Remembering and Synergetic Preservation
  • Find videos and more detailed explanations of our newest Semantic Desktop at the Personal Preservation Pilot webpage
  • the Semantic Desktop Server is the back-end of supSpaces

2019: DFKI CoMem

  • Our work culminated in our DFKI CoMem at

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