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TRIPLE is an RDF query, inference, and transformation language for the Semantic Web. Instead of having a built-in semantics for RDF Schema (as many other RDF query languages have), TRIPLE allows the semantics of languages on top of RDF (like RDF Schema, Topic Maps, UML, etc.) to be defined with rules. For languages where this is not easily possible (e.g., DAML+OIL), access to external programs (like description logics classifiers) is provided.
As a result, TRIPLE allows RDF reasoning and transformation under several different semantics, which is necessary if you need to access multiple data source in one application (e.g., for data integration).

TRIPLE is a joint work of Stefan Decker (Stanford University Database Group) and Michael Sintek (DFKI GmbH Kaiserslautern, Knowledge Management Dpt., and Stanford University Database Group).



Distributed under the terms of The Semantic Web Foundation for Open Source Software (SFO) License (which is derived from the Apache Software License).

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Funded in part by: DAML (DARPA), Edutella (WGLN), FRODO (bmb+f)
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