Hephaistos Toolkit

The hephaistos toolkit consists of loosely coupled tools for Knowledge Graph Construction (KGC), Human-in-the-Loop (HumL) integration and evaluation (Eval). Tools are designed with a certain user group in mind, namely knowledge engineers (KE), non-technical users (NTU), developers (Dev) and Semantic Web practitioners (SW). They can be applied before, during or after the main construction phase. Some of them are ready to use (live), others need some effort to be usable (recoverable) and few are closed source or are discontinued. If available, links to a demo, the codebase and the research paper are provided.

Main Author: Markus Schröder 14.04.2022

Tool Year Category User Group Before During After Status Demo Code Paper
AnnoSpreadKGC 2021 KGC KE
Excel-RML 2021 KGC KE
Spread2RML 2021 KGC KE
String Analyzer 2019 KGC KE
Concept Miner 2018 HumL NTU
KECS 2022 HumL NTU
DeepLinker 2018 HumL NTU
RDF Spreadsheet Editor 2017 HumL NTU
Smart Data Browser 2020 HumL NTU
Simple RDFS Editor 2021 HumL SW
Linked Data Application Framework 2021 HumL SW
Person Index Generator 2021 Eval KE
Data Sprout 2021 Eval KE
Semantic Enrichment Toolkit 2019 KGC
Semantic Data Catalog 2017 KGC
Big Data Knowledge Graph 2018 KGC

Knowledge Graph Construction


Interactively annotates spreadsheets with extraction methods to construct knowledge graphs from them.

Demo | Code | Paper


RML Mapper extension to support the mapping of Excel spreadsheets to RDF.

Demo | Code | Paper


Constructing knowledge graphs by predicting RML mappings on messy spreadsheets.

Demo | Code | Paper

String Analyzer

Provides various analytic components to process strings from arbitrary data sources.

Demo | Code | Paper


Concept Miner

Exploits the structure of PIM data in desktop applications to discover personal concepts in users' personal information spheres.

Demo | Code | Paper


Knowledge Extraction from Classification Schemes (e.g. filesystems).

Demo | Code | Paper


Generates and interprets deep links to desktop resources.

Demo | Code | Paper

RDF Spreadsheet Editor

Collaborative entries into spreadsheet cells are simultaneously transferred to RDF statements.

Demo | Code | Paper

Smart Data Browser

Utilizes SPARQL and response templates together with a template language to render views on knowledge graphs.

Demo | Code | Paper


Turns a given SPARQL endpoint into a JSON-based REST API.

Demo | Code | Paper


Fully automatically transforms an RDF dataset to a relational database with CRUD REST server code.

Demo | Code | Paper

Simple RDFS Editor

A simplified editor for creating and maintaining RDFS ontologies.

Demo | Code | Paper

Linked Data Application Framework

Provides guidelines and useful implementations for building linked data applications.

Demo | Code | Paper

Person Index Generator

Generates messy short texts with persons from an index for evaluation purpose.

Demo | Code | Paper

Data Sprout

Dataset generation from generation patterns for evaluating knowledge graph construction.

Demo | Code | Paper


Semantic Enrichment Toolkit

Set of GUI widgets to semantically enrich arbitrarily structured data in an open workflow.

Demo | Code | Paper

Semantic Data Catalog

A data dictionary which semantically annotates information elements with concepts.

Demo | Code | Paper

Big Data Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph about database tables in data lakes to find matching columns.

Demo | Code | Paper | Patent