Linked Data Application Framework


Application developers, in our experience, tend to hesitate when dealing with linked data technologies. To reduce their initial hurdle and enable rapid prototyping, we propose a framework for building linked data applications. Our approach especially considers the participation of web developers and non-technical users without much prior knowledge about linked data concepts. Web developers are supported with bidirectional RDF to JSON conversions and suitable CRUD endpoints. Non-technical users can browse websites generated from JSON data by means of a template language.



The demo is offline (since 2023-09-15). If you would like to try it anyway, contact me at markus [dot] schroeder [at] dfki [dot] de.

You can try out a publicly available online demo.
The following links and CURL commands can be used to test the demo. Remember that the JWT has to be entered with --cookie token= for endpoints that require authentification. A REST client (like Insomnia) makes it easier to send requests. Read the tutorial to see how the endpoints below were implemented.

Use Case
For non-technical users
For web developers
For Semantic Web practitioners
Registration /
Use the registration secret: another-secret.
Login /
For testing you may use
username: admin
password: a-secret

After login you are redirected to /user/admin, but this is not implemented in the example.
Browse Ontology /ontology
Search /search?q=test
SPARQL /sparql
The prefix has to be set to PREFIX ex: <http://ldaf.dfki.markus-projects.net/ontology/>
Upload Image /upload (still needs binary image data)
List Guideline Resources /guideline
Retrieve a Single Guideline Resource /guideline/1
Create a Guideline Resource /guideline
Use provided forms
Change a Guideline Resource /guideline/1?edit
Use provided forms
Delete a Guideline Resource /guideline/1
Use Delete button, but don't be surprised if this resource has already been deleted.
A custom resource /own
Another custom resource /another


The source code can be found on GitHub. Our example application is the one that is hosted for demonstration.