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1997 - 2000
Virtual Office

In the VirtualOffice project I was responsible for

  • building the CORBA-based infrastructure, connecting the expert analysis agents to the core DAU system while they process incoming new documents.
  • keeping document-knowledge in a frame-based store
  • implementing a hypothesis generation algorithm assembling the various analysis results from the analysis experts (e.g., recognized logos, adresses, special phrases) to match expected documents

2000 - 2002

Within the FRODO project I developed a layered architecture based on the agent platform JADE to ease agent development and deployment. The weak workflow engine was build on top of this architecture and is still used within the Competence Center Virtual Office of the Future.

2003 - 2005

  • Design of the lightweight service runtime framework
  • Integration of ontology leveraging components into the Semantic Desktop
  • ...

2006 - 2008