IMCOD is a research project at the DFKI department for Intelligent Engineering Systems. The objective of the IMCOD project is to make engineering systems more perceptive: Solutions of individual problems are abstracted into larger common contexts to obtain deeper structural insights and to achieve higher functionality and performance.

The IMCOD project aims at extending the competence of a design manager in his background knowledge by integrating the expertise of several (local) experts in order to achieve a feasible solution from an overall (global) point of view. Each local expert is asked to contribute its professional judgement, taking into account each others' available assessment, globally reflected by cooperative negotiation.

The goal of the IMCOD project is a contribution to company-wide information integration under the global task of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). The integration of different design-supporting systems aims at the realization of an intelligent design associate as a command center in the context of a CIM factory.

Our main research interests are knowledge engineering and acquisition, hypermedia, knowledge sharing and reuse, ontologies, and spatial reasoning as well as knowledge representation, planning methodologies, representation and usage of skeletal plans.

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