Christian Reuschling, Dipl.Ing.(BA) Senior Software Engineer
Smart Data & Knowledge Services Department
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI GmbH

Short Biography

Christian Reuschling studied Information Technology at the Berufsakademie (University of Cooperative Education) Mosbach and received his diploma in 2001. From 1998 until 2001 he developed Software for Corning Frequency Control Tele Quarz GmbH , a leading worldwide manufacturer of frequency control devices for the global electronics market. The diploma thesis in the context of production of quartz crystal resonators investigated the use of machine learning techniques (Decision Trees, Neural Networks) for analysing the sharpening process of quartz blanks.

He met the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in January 2002, where he works as a Software Engineer in the Knowledge Management department, which was renamed to Smart Data & Knowledge Services department later.

Academic Focus

Over the years, as a Software Engineer hopping around our research projects, I worked with many AI techniques in several contexts such as medicine, agriculture, music, search engines, etc. Some of these are

Nevertheless, my main focus is in building recommendation systems both on top of structured and unstructured data. For unstructured text retrieval my main base technologies are Lucene-based frameworks like Elasticsearch or even raw Lucene. For structured data, we use our ontology or graph-based recommendation engine Horst-Graph. Further in the context of building recommendation systems, one focus of mine is hyperparameter optimization with genetic algorithms, where I have implemented an according open source project.

As a Software Engineer I focus not so much on writing papers, but on implementing stable, scalable and reusable software applications in the context of our daily research. Thus, I started several Open Source projects for sharing and publishing my work and interests. My main programming language is Java.

Initiated Open Source Projects


Research And Customer Projects

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