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3.2.7 Footening


Footening (command: footen) trivially transforms Hornish clauses to footed clauses by introducing the explicit foot true. (A footen argument can also specify a non-true foot.)

For example, the (implicitly true-) denotative Hornish rule

parental(P) :- cares(P,child[P,Q]).
becomes normalized to the following (explicitly true-) denotative footed rule:gif
parental(P) :- cares(P,child[P,Q]) & true.

Sample dialog (nothing changes since the clause is already footed):

rfi-p> az f(k[]) :- g(h()) & j(k[]).
rfi-p> footen
rfi-p> listing
f(k[]) :- g(h()) & j(k[]).

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