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3.1.2 untype

untype transforms typesgif, i.e. domains (dom-terms), exclusions (exc-terms), and sorts (``$''-terms) into active calls of the type/type1gif builtin (which is only available in compiled RELFUN). Furthermore, expressions of the form expr : type and bnd[expr tex2html_wrap_inline2807 , expr tex2html_wrap_inline2819 ] are handled by transforming them into is-calls or type-calls.

The meaning of type(term, tterm), where tterm is either a dom-term, an exc-term, or an atom (denoting the name of a sort), is: if term is a variable, type it with tterm (i.e., fill the type slot of the GWAM representation of variables, ref-cells, with tterm), otherwise check if term is of type tterm.

The following examples show some of the cases covered by untype:gif


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