VEGA Project


Knowledge Validation and Exploration by Global Analysis

The VEGA research tries to provide a structured framework for the VALIDATION and EXPLORATION of knowledge bases (KBs) by global analysis. This knowledge EVOLUTION framework will be offered to developers and users of KBs.

VEGA Staff:

Intended Functionality:

While much knowledge is acquired and represented in KBs, often its interconnections remain unexplored (lack of discovery support) and its content is not validated (lack of quality control). Expert systems accessing such KBs suffer from the resulting brittleness. Knowledge engineers shall thus interact with the VEGA system for evolving (i.e., exploring and validating) KBs represented in a highly portable (declarative) language.

AI Tasks:

Solution Approach:

Application Area:

The VEGA approach shall be demonstrated with KBs supporting engineers. In particular, we are building a KB to be used for recycling-oriented product and production planning in the domain of plastics and composite materials.

The VEGA project is divided into three parts:

VEGA's joinder of sharing and evolution is found in a German review (here); more details and publications in its German-English final report (here).

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