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Using More Than One Argument (MBN, MDN, and MN)

Multiple arguments can be used in two different ways for indexing:

  1. When the indexing argument is unbound, use the ``best'' of the remaining ones (e.g., if in the above example norm is called with the first argument unbound, try indexing on the second) ( index tree breadth, MBN-Algorithm)
  2. When the argument that can be used for indexing selects many clauses, view these clauses as a new procedure and index it recursively (e.g., if norm is called with and/2 as the first argument, form a procedure from clauses 3,7,8,9 and index it on argument column 2 (for the second partition)) ( index tree depth, MDN-Algorithm)

The MBN-Algorithm together with the MDN-Algorithm form the MN-Algorithm, which is explained in detail in section 11.2.3. The results of the MBN-Algorithm and MDN-Algorithm applied to the norm example should be intuitively clear and are presented in the next two sections.

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