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User Commands

Since indexing should be automatic the index structure is hidden from the RELFUN user. The only command to control indexing is:

The effect of calling indexing without any option is displaying the current settings.

The switches have the following effects:


rfe> indexing
indexing on :min-clauses 2 :max-vars 10 :max-depth 3 :max-args 2 :debug off

rfe> indexing :min-clauses 3 
indexing on :min-clauses 3 :max-vars 10 :max-depth 3 :max-args 2 :debug off

rfe> indexing :max-depth 4 :max-args 3 :max-depth 5
indexing on :min-clauses 2 :max-vars 10 :max-depth 5 :max-args 3 :debug off

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