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Pure Innovation

I am project manager of the Semantic Web Desktop project. We do work in the topics of Semantic Web, Semantic Desktop, Mp3s, Photos, Emails, Appointments, Ultima Online, Cyberspace,...
I have a lot of good ideas that may interest you and that are so cool that you want to do your diploma thesis about them. Students who work on my topics are members of a team, we try to manage our software and research projects to make the task easier for us. Therefore I try to replace Late Night Sessions with decent planing, this works quite fine.

If you are interested doing your diploma thesis or praktikum with me, please mail me.
(At the moment I do not offer Hiwi Jobs).

Diplomarbeit / Studienarbeit / Projektarbeit (active: 20.7.2005)


The Deal

We do not take every applicant, you have to be motivated and fulfill some basic requirements. But when you invest some time, you will be in the project and will do cool stuff. Written results are often in English, communication is in German or English (as you prefer).

DiplIng Leo Sauermann
fon: +49 631 205-3503
icq: #10391601

Universität Kaiserslautern
Gebäude 57 | Raum 371
Contact me by email or instant messaging software. In your application, please include the URL of your homepage (if you have one), your age, your progress in studying, the date when you can start, your telephone number and your curriculum vitae.

Your CV doesn't have to be polished, a few lines of text are sufficient.