In the research Lab Knowledge Management of the DFKI the Open Source Framework is developed. Current research projects, i.e. EPOS build on top of this framework.

ultima onlineThe gnowsis framework is capable of representing all information a person has in a standardised data format, the Resource Description Framework, queryable and usable for many different applications. One of these applications could be a Game Server of the massive online role-playing game Ultima Online. Imagine a computer game that takes facts from the real world (like your email inbox) and displays them as magical items, floating through a room. Or instead of reading the news from you would implement an avatar that reads the news as town crier.
The possibilities are endless, the goals are high, it is the times of high adventure....

The Diploma thesis would consist of doing research in the field of cyberspace systems. You would search for literature about collaborative tools that enable people to work together or socialize in Virtual Environments. Then you would implement some enhancements to the Open Source projects  gnowsis and Wolfpack. A public test of the system will give us feedback, of how people interact with these new tools and what possibilities for humanity lie in the cyberspace. Your written thesis will write all this information together, in english language and understandable for the public.

Perhaps this project will go into computer history like Process Management by DOOM or Augmented Reality Quake.
to do!

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Check the prerequisites, then contact us. You will have an interesting topic as diploma thesic, contribute to an open source project and definitely wou will do cool stuff.

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