In the research Lab Knowledge Management of the DFKI the Open Source Framework is developed. Current research projects, i.e. EPOS build on top of this framework.

The gnowsis framework is capable of representing all information a person has in a standardised data format, the Resource Description Framework. These resources can be categorised using hierachical structures, thesauri or  other means. These knowledge organisation systems can be abstracted using the SKOS vocabulary, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium's Thesaurus Task Force.

Many developers in the Semantic Web field need implementations that support SKOS. You will read the SKOS standard, look at existing implementations, see what the world needs and then use a SKOS structure editor to annotate resources with it. A prototypical implementation by the DFKI exists, on which you can build on. The scientific question is how to take experience from existing knowledge organisation system implementations and transport them into the Semantic Web world.


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The Deal

Check the prerequisites, then contact us. You will have an interesting topic as diploma thesic, contribute to an open source project and definitely wou will do cool stuff.

The gnowsis project is about the future of desktop computing and the world wide web.
What you do today, will be used by the world of tomorrow.

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