In the research Lab Knowledge Management of the DFKI the Open Source Framework is developed. Current research projects, i.e. EPOS build on top of this framework.

The gnowsis framework is capable of representing all information a person has in a standardised data format, the Resource Description Framework, queryable and usable for many different applications. An important application of gnowsis is to use it in business environments.

The scientific question is how to use the opportunities given by the Semantic Desktop to create better text and event annotation for personal knowledge management. A demonstrational implementation should show how notes could be authored and search possibilities on the notes. An evaluation of the approach is done in a sourrounding of your choice.
The typical use case is: Before a meeting starts, information is already present about the discussed topic, the attending persons and the intended result. This information is hidden in emails, address books and webpages. During the meeting, the business woman/man wants to see this information and add new comments and create notes. After the meeting, the collected business cards have to be annotated and the photos of people connected to the people. All of this is orchestrated by ontologies and RDF.


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Check the prerequisites, then contact us. You will have an interesting topic as diploma thesic, contribute to an open source project and definitely wou will do cool stuff.  

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