Associated Student Projects

Here are references to students that did research together with me.

Man Luo - Semantic Meeting Annotation

Status: finished March 2006

Diploma thesis "Semantic Meeting Annotation", a diploma thesis by Man Luo. She worked on the idea of using inference and annotations in everyday applications - like MS Outlook, to organize e-mails.

Dominik Heim - Semantic Wikis in knowledge management

Status: finished August 2006

foaf Dominik Heim did his diploma thesis on Semantic Wikis in knowledge management - Evaluating the Gnowsis approach He has joined DFKI already in 2005, doing his industriepraktikum together with us. Dominik evaluated our user interface and made everything better, here is his summary. More on Dominiks work can be found on his publications page.

Frank Osterfeld - Learning a PIMO

Status: finished 2006

Frank Osterfeld worked on his diploma thesis on Learning the personal information model by analysing native structures like file folders, e-mails or other existing data. He was supervised by Ludger van Elst and finished 2006. I assisted him when he used the gnowsis framework to get data out of desktops.

Benjamin Horak - Contag - Semantic Web and Tagging

Status: finished August 2006

Benjamin Horak has written his diploma thesis on "ConTag - A Tagging System Linking the Semantic Desktop with Web 2.0". The idea was to effectivly annotate documents using the ontology stored in gnowsis. His thesis recently won the IBPM Award.

Danish Nadeem

Status: started 2006, finished July 2007

Danish Nadeem has published his diploma thesis on Cognitive Aspects of Semantic Desktop to Support Personal Information Management [cached copy]. He studied Cognitive Science in Osnabrück and brings his knowledge on cognition to our work. His thesis bridges between Semantic Desktop, Personal Information Management and Cognitive Science, mapping terms and ideas to understand the whole.