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Leo Sauermann
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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) GmbH 
Knowledge Management Group
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D-67608 Kaiserslautern
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Leo Sauermann left DFKI in September 2010 and is now CEO of Gnowsis. Current contact information and projects at LinkedIn or at Xing. This page is left for reference purposes.

Leo Sauermann studied Information science at the Vienna University of Technology. Under the project name "gnowsis" he merged Personal Information Management with Semantic Web technologies, resulting in a master thesis about „Using Semantic Web technologies to build a Semantic Desktop“. Working as a researcher at the DFKI since 2004, he continued the work and now maintains the associated open-source project gnowsis. His research focus is on Semantic Web and its use in Knowledge Management. In autumn 2003 he started to give talks about his work - before his master's examination the thesis was already a success.
1998 to 2002 he has been working in several small software companies, including the position of lead architect at Impact Business Computing developing mobile CRM solutions. He is an experienced programmer in both Delphi and Java.

Private Born and socialized in Vienna, Austria, interested in many thnigs, read more in my weblog. I was wind surfer, poi dancer, party photographer, evangelist, and freelance software developer. Now my heart burns for cyberspace and going there through the Semantic Desktop.  My thesis about this was voted for best thesis of the year on my University and the topic is still my main interest.

Since 2004 I coordinate the Semantic Desktop project which is hosted by the KM Lab. Students in Kaiserslautern can be part of the Semantic Desktop with Diploma Thesis, HiWi Jobs and Praktika.



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