Bertin Kleins "visionary" page

The kids, Nova and Marlon

Nova Liese Carmen Cordula


Marlon Cosmo William Timpe

   Marlon und NovaMarlon

Kaiserslautern from by balkony or bed

There is a floodlit soccer game in the stadium in the second picture. The DFKI is some millimeters to the right of the stadium.


Studying in Aachen we lived in a tower of the former town wall ( century)

There are some remarks to be made. My window was the right on top. Four of us six students were girls, which was a luxury at that time in Aachen. We overlooked Aachen (remind me to find a picture of our view). The toilet was on the ground floor, 79 steps down from my room. The 1993 earthquake made us 6 homeless (1995 one of us and 4 new students moved into the repaired tower).

LangerTurm, AachenLangerTurm2