Anna-Maria Schoeller

... after having completed my Diplom in computer science at RWTH Aachen in 1990, I spent the following year at the Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. My work involved developing an expert system for process selection in net shape manufacturing, under the direction of Prof. R. Allen Miller.

Since returning to Germany in 1992, I have worked at DFKI GmbH, Intelligent Engineering Systems Department in the area of configuration, design and spatial reasoning (see also project IMCOD) under the direction of Prof. Dr. M. M. Richter.

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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence - DFKI GmbH
Anna-Maria Schoeller
P. O. Box 2080
D-67608 Kaiserslautern
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+49 631 205 3474
+49 631 205 3210

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