RDFRoom title


A lone soldier has been stranded in an alien world, filled with resources, literals and shifty anonymous nodes. Room upon room are filled with named graphs -- can he find a way out? RDFRoom is an isometric RDF viewer. It gives the user ways to view and manipulate his RDF data that might make him see the data in a brand new perspective.



RDFRoom is written with Python2.4, ,Pygame 1.7.1, rdflib 2.3.0 and Isotope 0.9, hacked to support RDF Worlds. The hacked isotope is included in the download, the other libraries are required.

To run RDFRoom, download, unzip and run

./rdfroom.py [URI] [startnode]
If no URI or startnode is specified, the node will use the example FOAF file included in the zip.

RDFRoom runs quite well on my Linux PC, staying at healthy 30 frames per second, but on my Powerbook it is very slow, especially when loading large(ish) graphs, I assume this is a flaw with the SDL libraries on MacOSX, and I wont do anything more to fix it. (The font is also super-tiny - which i might fix)



Running on Debian

Other people had lots of problems getting this to run, so here is a quick guide for debian, other sensible distros should be similar:

Disclaimer: Some might have reckonized that some images included in the distrubution are, ahem, borrowed. If someone cares, drop me a line and I'll fix this!


--Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes, grimnes < AT > dfki.uni-kl.de