Installation of OpenZaurus

  1. Download of the Shepherd Image and other files: to the CF Card
    for me, only the zImage-2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix.bin works!
  2. Renaming zimage.bin to zImage
  3. Flashing the Zaurus (mainly from TriSoft Startup:
    1. switch off, remove USB
    2. remove battery, wait > 5 sec.
    3. insert battery
    4. connect USB
    5. press OK button while switching the Zaurus on (with on/off button)
    6. the flashmenu arises
      1. Cancel
      2. Fsck
      3. Reset
      4. Flash/update
    7. choose "Flash/update"
    8. Take your time! 138 packages are being installed
    9. Here we go!
    10. Problems: SD Card not mounted!

Updates OpenZaurus

"No Architecture Defined"-Fehler