Nr. Artist Title Comment
1 Dave Matthews Band The Videos 1994-2001 Drums: Carter Beaufort
2 Sting The Brand New Day Tour Drums: Manu Katché
3 Simon, Paul You're The One In Concert Drums: Steve Gadd
4 Cocker, Joe Across From Midnight Tour  
5 BAP Överall Drums: Jürgen Zöller
6 Simon Phillips, Kenny Aronoff, Mel Gaynore, Dennis Chambers Sourrounded by Drums  
7 Sting All This Time Drums: Manu Katché
8 Jarrett, Keith Last Solo  
9 Morissette, Alanis Jagged Little Pill, Live  
10 U2 Elevation 2001, Live from Boston  
11 Blast Blast  
12 Enya The Video Collection  
13 Earthworks Footlose in NYC Drums: Bill Bruford
14 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition Drums: Carl Palmer
15 Collins, Phil Live and Loose in Paris Drums: Ricky Lawson & Phil Collins
16 Davis, Miles Live in Montreal Drums: Vince Wilburn
17 Santana Supernatural (Live) Drums: Rodney Holmes, Carter Beauford
18 Cranberries Beneath the Skin: Live in Paris  
19 Harlem Gospel Singers & Band Live at the Palladium  
20 Spock's Beard Don't try this at home - Live in Holland & The Making of V Drums:Nick D'Virgilio
21 Dave Matthews Band Live at Folsom Field, Boulder Colorado Drums: Carter Beaufort
22 Niacin Live! - Blood, Sweat and Beers Drums: Dennis Chambers
23 Drumbassadors Volume 1 Drums: René Creemers, Wim de Vries
24 York, Pete et al. Super Drumming Vol. 1  
25 York, Pete et al. Super Drumming Vol. 2  
26 Gabriel, Peter Secret World Live Drums: Manu Katché
27 Hancock, Herbie Future2Future Live Drums: Terri Lyne Carrington
28 Clapton, Eric One More Car, One More Rider Drums: Steve Gadd
29 Smith, Steve Drumset Technique/History of the U.S. Beat Drums: Steve Smith
30 Simon and Garfunkel Concert in Central Park Drums: Steve Gadd & Grady Tate
31 Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium Drums: Phil Collins & Chester Thompson
32 Collins, Phil Finally... The First Farewell Tour Drums: Phil Collins & Chester Thompson
33 Gabriel, Peter Play The Videos  
34 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Drums: John Bonham
35 AMI ADAM - Die Suche nach dem Menschen  
36   CATS  
37   Jesus Christ Superstar  
38 Gabriel, Peter Growing Up Live Drums: Ged Lynch
39 Cassidy, Eva Sings Drums: Raice McLeod
40 Williams, Robbie Live at the Albert  
41 Jones, Norah Live in New Orleans Drums: Andrew Borger
42 Rich, Buddy and His Band Channel One Suite Drums: Buddy Rich
43 Sting Bring on the night Drums: Omar Hakim
44 Jarrett, Keith The Art of Improvisation Drums: Jack DeJohnette
45 Cobham, Billy Billy Cobham's Culturemix Drums: Billy Cobham
46 Gabriel, Peter Still Growing Up, Live & Unwrapped Drums: Ged Lynch
47 Corea, Chick, Elektric Band Live at Montreux 2004 Drums: Dave Weckl
48 DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, Metheny Live in Concert Drums: Jack DeJohnette
49 Niacin Live in Tokyo Drums: Dennis Chambers
50 Jazz Pistols live Drums: Thomas Lui Ludwig
51 Stern, Mike The Paris Concert - live Drums: Dennis Chambers
52 Lloyd Webber, Andrew Masterpiece - Live from the Great Hall of the People -  Beijing  
53 Haffner, Wolfgang Shapes - live in Concert Drums: Wolfgang Haffner
54 Clapton, Eric Legends: Live at Montreux 1997 Drums: Steve Gadd
55 Collins, Phil Serious Hits… Live! In Berlin Drums: Phil Collins & Chester Thompson
56 McKennitt, Loreena Nights from the Alhambra Drums: Tal Bergman
57 Dire Straits Autumn in Nimes Drums: Chris Whitten
58 Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers Umbria Jazz Festival Drums: Art Blakey
59 Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same Drums: John Bonham
60 Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported  
61 Thomas Lang Creative Control Drums: Thomas Lang
62 Genesis When in Rome 2007 Drums: Phil Collins & Chester Thompson
63 Billy Cobham Drums for the Soul - live at Drums 'n' Percussion Paderborn 2005 Drums: Billy Cobham
64 Chester Thompson and Luis Conte Drum Talk - El Tambor Habla - live at Drums 'n' Percussion Paderborn 2005 Drums: Chester Thompson
65 Chester Thompson On the fly - live at Drums 'n' Percussion Paderborn 2003 Drums: Chester Thompson
66 Martin Verdonk and Werner Schmit Martin Verdonk - Go with the flow (special Guest Luis Conte) & Werner Schmitt - Drumming is everything Drums: Werner Schmitt
67 Carl Palmer Band live in Europe Drums: Carl Palmer
68 Mayer, Jojo Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer Drums: Jojo Mayer
69 Gilmour, David Remember That Night: Live At The Royal Albert Hall Drums: Steve DiStanislao
70 Jarrett, Keith Standards in Japan Drums: Jack DeJohnette
71 The Police Certifiable Drums: Stewart Copeland Ltd. Deluxe Edt. 2DVD + 2CD
72 Smith, Steve Drum Legacy - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Drums: Steve Smith 2DVD + 1 CD
73 Flatley, Michael Lord of the Dance  
74 Greb, Benny The Language of Drumming Drums: Benny Greb
75 Zawinul, Joe 75th Drums: Paco Sery
76 Gadd, Steve Hudson Music Masters Session Drums: Steve Gadd