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ProPer - Human Resource Ontology for Skillmanagement

The ProPer ontology is a simple ontology providing exemplaric facilities for skill inferencing. By the way: it's in German ...

The growing need for finding knowledge within a company requires efficient mechanisms to manage skills and competencies of people: ProPer WebDemo shows how to improve Human Resource Knowledge Management using the OntoBroker technology. People and their competence can be found by searching through their own documents (MS Word, MS Excel, HTML), which are annotated according to a given Human Resource Ontology. These documents might be homepages, project-reports etc. from people within the company, but they might also be applications from people outside the company and they contain valuable information about the competence of these people like skills, working experiences, language abilities etc..

Siehe Dokument: http://ontobroker.semanticweb.org/ontos/proper.html