bullet3 TR: Ontology Storage and Querying

Dear All

Given the increasing interest in Semantic Web query languages and

storage/querying tools, we have prepared a survey of related

technologies for the standards RDF/S, DAML+OIL and Topic Map.

Our survey is under public review and can be downloaded from the

RDFSuite Web site:

Apart from a general description of each language/tool, we provide

preliminary criteria for comparing the expressiveness of the existing

query languages as well as the technical characteristics of the

supporting tools.

Comments, Suggestion etc. are more than welcome.

Best regards,

        The authors

                (Aimilia Magkanaraki, aimilia@ics.forth.gr

                 Grigoris Karvounarakis, gregkar@ics.forth.gr

                 Ta Tuan Anh, ta@enst.fr

                 Vassilis Christophides, christop@ics.forth.gr

                 Dimitris Plexousakis, dp@ics.forth.gr)

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