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Ontological Enterprise Modeling 

Dr. H. Boley

2 Std. Vorlesung

Do., 13:45-15:15 Uhr, 57-309 

A) An overview of logic-based ontologies and their use for enterprise modeling is given. Such object-centered or relation-centered categorization structures permit the integration and interchange of enterprise concepts. Languages for OO (e.g. CGs, MELD) and relational ontology formulations (e.g. PROLOG and KIF) are treated. Ontological models for critical enterprise information such as file systems and URLs, materials properties, as well as geometries (CAD diagrams) exemplify the development and use of ontologies.  
B) Natalya Fridman Noy/Carole D. Hafner: The State of the Art in Ontology Design. AI Magazine 18(3), Fall 1997. 
Material on ontologies: http://mnemosyne.itc.it:1024/ontology.html 
Material on the Enterprise project: http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~entprise/enterprise/ 
C) No special requisites, except interest in systematic (enterprise) modeling
D) Oral examinations 
E) Web demos of ontologies will be integrated with the lectures 

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