Schedule: Knowledge Markup Techniques

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Tuesdays, 13.45 - 15.15, Building 48, Room 438


  1. 24-Oct) XML for structuring knowledge (XML part of Tutorial on Knowledge Markup Techniques, slides 5-22); Self-learning assignment: Tamsin Treasure-Jones' Short Prolog Tutorial; Distributing Problem 1 and Problem 2; Schedule; Literature, Exam Issues
  2. 31-Oct) Solving (parts of) Problem 1; Questions and answers about XML and Prolog; Logic and XML: A comparison (German, English, slides 9-42)
  3. 07-Nov) Solving Problem 2 (solution2.txt); Marking up functional-logic programs (RFML part of Tutorial on Knowledge Markup Techniques, slides 47-65); Distributing Problem 3 and Problem 4 (omit MathML questions)
  4. 14-Nov) Solving Problem 3 (solution3.txt); A relational-functional kernel language for the Web (slides 9-14)
  5. 21-Nov) Solving Problem 4 (solution4.txt); Distributing Problem 5; Question-and-answer session; Explaining basics of type hierarchies and ontologies (easy dialog)
  6. 28-Nov exceptionally in terminal room 48/419) (with Joseph Tadjuidje Kamgaing) Practical aspects of RFML exemplified with an ontology for the Mathematics International study program (
  7. 05-Dec) Solving Problem 5 (solution5.txt); XML stylesheets (XSLT) for XML-to-XML and XML-to-HTML transformation (XSLT and XQL parts of Tutorial, slides 95-102); Recursive factorial function as XSLT stylesheet: factorial.xsl (factorial.xsl.txt), its application argument via XML document: factorial-main.xml (factorial-main.xml.txt), its application value as HTML document: factorial-main.html (factorial-screenshot.gif); Background reading: Chapter 14 of Elliotte Rusty Harold's "XML Bible"
  8. 12-Dec) Exercise 1 (Partial Solution); Practical aspects of XSLT for generating HTML pages like Broker or RuleML and its use via Cocoon; Background reading: Paul Grosso's "XSL Concepts and Practical Use" (Omit all "XSL Formatting Objects" material)
  9. 19-Dec) Exercise 2; Question-and-answer session
  10. 21-Dec exceptionally in (DFKI) building 57/382, my office) A Crash Course in XML will be from 14:00-15:15; The first 3 lectures, in particular, will be repeated, and you can ask further questions
  11. 9-Jan exceptionally in terminal room 48/419) (with Joseph Tadjuidje Kamgaing and Brice Kamga) Hands-on training on generating RFML markup (automarkhandon.script, automarkhandon.bat); Please prepare this by editing your Linux file ".cshrc" for the RFML Shell: add the line "alias rfml /usr/relfun/bin/relfun"; you can then call the Shell after "ssh metis" by just typing "rfml")
  12. 16-Jan) Rule markup with RuleML
  13. 23-Jan) Object-oriented modeling (illustrated by the introductory example of an earlier course's Problem 2); Introduction to the Resource Description Framework (RDF part of Tutorial on Knowledge Markup Techniques, slides 118-154)
  14. 30-Jan) Solving Exercise 2 (solex2.html); Distributing Problem 8 (skipping 6 and 7); More RDF; Questions; Exam Issues
  15. 6-Feb) RDF and LP (, slides 8-14, 21-26, 42-47;, sections 2, 4, 8)
  16. 13-Feb) Solving Problem 8 (solution.txt); Question-and-answer session
    6-Mar) Written Exam

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