Creating Learning Organisations with Contextualised Knowledge-Rich Work Artefacts
Web-based knowledge management for collaborative engineering


CLOCKWORK supports the reuse of simulation and modeling knowledge across and between engineering companies. Web-based knowledge management for collaborative engineering is focussed by the DFKI and an industrial partner: The DFKI and ELOTHERM ( use the modeling of maintenance reports from service engineers as a testbed for improving future designs.

Word-processor-based tabular and free-text reports are converted into a central XML repository, from which database-XML and CEDAR-HTML ( versions are generated via XSLT stylesheets. The repository is modeled via Protégé ( ontologies, from which RDF metadata are generated for a FRODO ( retrieval and inference agent.

  • CLOCKWORK supports team-level knowledge sharing by integrating work tools (in our case dynamical system simulation tools) with formal documents, informal discussions, and knowledge models
  • CLOCKWORK supports effective knowledge reuse by retrieving rich representations of a design according to knowledge-level models of the domain and the design process
  • CLOCKWORK supports cautious knowledge sharing via knowledge interfacing between `competitive-collaborating' companies

Sponsor      CLOCKWORK is funded by the European Commission's Information Society Programme (IST) under grant No. IST-1999-12566
Principal Investigator      EU-Project Coordination: KMi. DFKI-Project Leader: Dr. Harold Boley
Partners      KMi, Intec, ELOTHERM, Czech Technical University in Prague, Loughborough University, CIBIT, University of Ljubljana
Duration      July 2000 - June 2002

Contact      Dr. Harold Boley
Phone      ++49 631 205 3459
Fax      ++49 631 205 3210