Ongoing 2010 - Mec Allemand, HousePop Made in Germany with a French flavour

Diverse media

October 2009 - Sonic Aura Scan / Becks Urban Experiences Berlin

The BGUE blog contains detailed information (German).

Never finished this one - JustAnotherWasteOtTime

I am actually working on the concept of a modular DIY transmedia sculpture, maybe to be submitted to Ars Electronica. I am not sure. Anyway the process is interesting and documented in a dedicated blog, like a recipe for mashing ready-mades into something useless. But I hope to build this beast...

January 2007 - Remixing the invisible

A short video interview with Leo Sauermann about the public installation of REMIXING THE INVISIBLE.

June 2006 - Dance Monkey

Fluxus, Conceptual Art, New Media Art, Pervasive Art, Cultural Hacking, Video Art? Together with my fellow Martin we created a "surrealistic" trip thru my hometown. The video recording was done in lo-fi and presented as a VHS tape installation at the local annual cultural event for the public, the "Lange Nacht der Kultur 2006". Afterwards we sold the tape and devotional elements via EBay. The experiment was documented at our webpage for digital culture in Kaiserslautern".

July 2005 - Chic On Canvas

Public, invasive exhibition at the best parking garage of my hometown. It was a visual and auditive tribute to CHIC, my favorite discofunk combo of the late 70ties. I showed a quartett of TV shots printed on canvas. The aesthetic principle is to add "media-noise" (e.g. moire effects, sampling errors) because it's beautiful!

March 2005 - Electric Travolta (TM)

I coded the application Electric Travolta based on a sketch of one of the guys behind Processing. This language is the best I ever had under my fingers to develop really exciting transmedia applications. We used Electric Travolta in the public exhibition mp3 konzert archiv. Martin Wisniowski has a written a wonderful summary about what this thing was doing to the visitors.

June 2004 - Kreuz Aber Quer

The purpose was to design the media layer for a mini-opera of a friend of mine. She is an actor, singer and dancer. This was a coproduction for the Werkhaus Lounge of Nationaltheater Mannheim.

December 2003 - Digitalcouch

This is a community portal for people in my local area being interested in culture and the digital mediasphere. They suffer from a lack of opportunities to share their mindset and opinons. We helped them! My friend, colleague and mastermind of design Martin Wisniowski co-founded this activity together with me.

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