Stephan Baumann

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I did a lot of different things over the years but there are basically two big hearts inside of me: some people say I am so rational, so logic while others just enjoy my craziness and ad-hoc creativity. Maybe I am not an expert in one discipline or school of thought. I am not a pure left brainer or right brainer. I am somehow in-between. If you take a look at my CV, the projects and body of work you hopefully get a better feeling about the man behind this virtual bubble.

I regret nothing so far, each and every step was necessary and even that it was often hard work most of the time at least parts of myself really enjoyed being immersed into research, spinoff companies, music and combinations of them. After being three times involved into transfering AI research from DFKI's labs to market -1997 (Insiders document recognition), 2004 (Sonicson music search) and 2008 tiqqer Social Media Monitoring, I am happy to be back full-time into research.

The Music Information Retrieval Community gave me a warm home and I am still happy that I finally defended my Ph.D about Artificial Listening Systems in march, 2005..

Pervasive communication everywhere, a melting pot of different media types, smallest-scale devices, digital auras, ambient cultural environments, etc. .. There is enough space to be explored!

Research interests

Computational Culture, Interface Culture, Music Information Retrieval, Pervasive Communication, Smartmobs, HCI, Joy of Use, Beauty of Design, Simplicity, New Media, Transmedia, Media Arts.

Bio (in German)

Stephan Baumann, promovierter Musik- und KI-Forscher, arbeitet in Berlin und Kaiserslautern am Deutschen Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz. Er war Mitgründer der Hard Blogging Scientists und engagiert sich europaweit für einen offenen Austausch zwischen Startups, Web2.0 Aktivisten und Ph.D-Studenten. Seine Dissertation zum Thema Artificial Listening Systems erstellte er am DFKI und IRCAM/Paris. Parallel hierzu gründete er in 2001 die sonicson GmbH, ein Spinoff für Musikempfehlungsmaschinen und in 2008 die tiqqer GmbH, ein Unternehmen, das sich mit Memetracking und Blogmonitoring beschäftigt. Seine aktuellen Forschungsinteressen sind Social Media, Musikempfehlungssysteme (OPENEER, HORST, Gastdozent an der Popakademie) und Reality Mining Anwendungen (UrbanSync).


Dr. rer. nat. Stephan Baumann
Senior Researcher
German Research Center for AI
Trippstadterstr. 122
67657 Kaiserslautern

DFKI Projektbuero Berlin
Alt Moabit 91c
10559 Berlin

phone  0049-631-20575-1500 (KL)
phone  0049-30-3949-1829 (B)
mail     stephan.baumann[at]

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