Hopefully, towards a Schedule for the

KNOWNET Working Meeting in Zuerich

Monday, Dec 14th to Friday, Dec 18th 1998

Draft schedule (under work)

At first hand, I accepted all suggestions by M. Wolf since I have no other input, and he seems to have the hardest time constraints.
Day When Where Who What
Monday, Dec 14th        
Tuesday, Dec 15th        
Wednesday, Dec 16th  15-16 h    Goyal, Wolf, Sonnenberger, ?? Goyal reports on UBS interviews
Thursday, Dec 17th        
Friday, Dec 18th  10-11 h   Abecker, Wolf, ??  detailed tool ideas 
Saturday, Dec 19th        


  1. The UBS-INSEAD meeting is bilateral and ends on Wednesday with Pooja's report to Michael Wolf et al.
  2. There is a bilateral DFKI-UBS meeting on Thursday or Friday or both. Consultations: Wolf+Sonnenberger+Abecker Friday 10-11h, Sonnenberger+Abecker+?? at ??.
  3. There is a bilateral DFKI-FHBB meeting on Thursday or Friday.

Possible participants and individual constraints

Organization  Name Constraints Decisions
Knowledge Associates Ron Young    
DFKI Andreas Abecker
  • arrival in Zuerich not before Dec 16
  • stay planned until Dec 18, but (if needed) extendable until Dec 21
    • Dec 18th 10-11h AA & M. Wolf 
      Jamel Zakraoui    
    UBS Michael Wolf  
    •  Dec 18th 10-11h M. Wolf & AA
      Gabriele Sonnenberger    
      Marina Fricker    
    INSEAD Pooja Goyal  
    • Dec 14 arrival in Zuerich
    • Dec 15 interviews at UBS
    • Dec 16 interviews at UBS
    FHBB Marco Bettoni  available on Dec 17th  
      Rolf Todesco  available from Dec 16th til 18th  
      Robert Ottiger  available for one day between 16th and 18th  
      Kurt Zwimpfer  available on 17th and 18th  

    E-mail threads (chronologically ordered)

    To: m.bettoni@fhbb.ch, kz@ikz.ch, gmcewan@ibm.net, ottiger@swissonline.ch,
            todesco@wb.unizh.ch, michael.wolf@ubs.com,
            "Ron Young" <ron.young@Knowledgeassociates.com>,
            zakraoui@dkki.uni-kl.de, goyal@calt.insead.fr, Marina.Fricker@ubs.com,
    cc: aabecker
    Subject: Meeting in Zuerich this week
    Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 13:18:40 +0100
    From: Andreas Abecker <aabecker@dfki.uni-kl.de>

    Hi all,

    Ron just informed me that it is impossible for him to come to Zuerich this
    week. Further, it would make more sense to have finished all technical
    installation things (supported by Graham) before.

    So, I conclude:

    - It is not necessary for me to come to Zuerich for three days. Nor is it
      for the FHBB to come to UBS.

    - I would like to have the bilateral meetings with UBS and with FHBB.
      These could be done on Thursday and Friday, or on one of these days.

    - Pooja: is it necessary that we meet? How long do you stay in Zuerich?


    Outdated suggestions by AA:

    Okay,  since I have no further input, I try to speculate a bit in order to proceed with a schedule. I need your comments and critique!

    1. If I remember right, the original intention was to give a KNOWLEDGER tutorial which would require three days. Assume Ron (or any KNAS representative) arrives in Zuerich on Wednesday morning. Asume the KNOWLEDGER introduction can be done completely on Thursday (which would require all the day, 9-16h) and possibly continued on Friday morning from 9-10.30h.
    2. If this would work, Wednesday afternoon could be used for planning the meeting, arranging hardware etc., and maybe bilateral "technical" communication between Gabriele Sonnenberger and me, or me and FHBB, or Gabriele Sonnenberger, FHBB, and me, orKNAS and me, or we could start with an overview of how to go on with user awareness creation and user requirements capturing (this could replace or complement the slot # 6 below). If KNAS needs more time for KNOWLEDGER, we could also start on Wednesday 12h with KNOWLEDGER, or even in the morning.
    3. On Thursday, 17th we should arrange a "social event" (i.e. have a joint meal) in order to come a bit closer together in this configuration (e.g., Marco Bettoni, Pooja Goyal, Michael Wolf, and me did not yet meet altogether).
    4. Marina (or someone from Zuerich), could you please think about an appropriate location for such a meeting?
    5. If it is considered useful, FHBB and me could have sort of a "technical session" between the end of the KNOWLEDGER tutorial and the beginning of the "social event".
    6. On Friday, 11-12.30 we could discuss how to acquire user requirements ("strategy for WP2"), what user and tool requirements are already there (results of Pooja's interviews, technical starting points of the several partners), and how to proceed with user requirements and tool specification (next steps, communications, meetings).
    7. In order to do the room allocation: how many people from UBS will attend the KNOWLEDGER lectures? How many from FHBB?
    8. Maybe, in the course of awareness creation, it could be wished that Jamel Zakraoui gives a demo of the DFKI KARAT tool, or FHBB wants to demonstrate some software. This could also be done in possibly remaining time slots on Wednesday afternoon or Friday afternoon.

    9. Currently, if I will get your input on Monday and can prepare a reasonable timetable, I personally tend to schedule an opening session at, say Wednesday 14-14.30 h, in order to discuss the planned meetings and to give you an initial idea of our approach for capturing the user requirements before Pooja reports on her first experiences.

    Replied: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 13:19:13 +0100
    From: Michael Wolf <michael.wolf@ubs.com>
    Subject: Re: PUBLIC: Knownet Working Meeting Dec 16-18
    TO: aabecker@dfki.uni-kl.de
    CC: ronyoung@knowledgeassociates.com, m.bettoni@cim.fhbb.ch,
            todesco@wb.unizh.ch, michael.wolf@ubs.com,
            gabriele.sonnenberger@ubs.com, marina.fricker@ubs.com,
            ottiger@swissonline.ch, zakraoui@dfki.uni-kl.de

    Some general information

    Pooja will have finished the interviews with our representatives by WE

    I don't know whether G.Sonnenberger will be in next week. Perhaps she can
    respond to that mail or M.Fricker can find out.

    Current KM-Activities:

    In our department we've started the concrete activities: we have a large
    of important documents to be stored/provided
    (Activity: R&PM-Dokument Management)

    additionally we've started a first initiative on collecting systematic
    on a Methodology we've rolled out to some hundrets of users (Rating-System)
    (Activity Rating-Feedback and Information)

    For the stage of DFKI and KNAS: I'd propose the following meetings:
    (Attention: these are only my proposals. The responsibility for the set-up
    is at DFKI, M.Fricker can help with local arrangements)

    1. We 18th afternoon (I perhaps could make it from 15.00-16.00)
    Pooja: to report on the results of the interview round  Attendees, Fricker,
    Sonnenberger, Me, DFKI, Ron Young): This meeting could provide input for
    planning of the awareness-track

    2. ??? At this meeting M.Fricker could show a first collection of Documents
    be captured.

    3. ???? G. Sonnenberger, DFKI, KNAS on first plans how to go ahead with
    Knowledger (if she can make it)

    4. Friday 18 th
       Bilateral M.Wolf and DFKI;
       11-12.30: awareness; .....
         participants: all, incl with M.Wolf

    Best regards


    PS  my comments are labelled with ==>mwo

    ______________________________ Reply Separator
    Subject: PUBLIC: Knownet Working Meeting Dec 16-18
    Author:  aabecker at unix/o2=mime/dd.RFC-822=aabecker@dfki\.uni-kl\.de
    Date:    08.12.98 16:53

    To Wolf, Sonnenberger, Fricker (UBS)
       Ottiger, Bettoni, Todesco (FHBB)
       Young (KNAS)
       Abecker, Zakraoui (DFKI)


    with respect to the Knownet meeting on Dec 16-18 '98 I would like to
    several things.


    First of all: will the meeting take place? :-O

         ==>mwo From my point of view: yes

    Who will take part in this meeting?

    main purpose of the meeting

    Ron Young (KNAS) - for KNOWLEDGER awareness creation at the UBS user site
    Gabriele Sonnenberger + colleagues (UBS) - to become aware :-)

    secondary aim of the meeting

    Andreas Abecker, probably + Jamel Zakraoui (DFKI)
                    - to become aware, too :-)
                    - to discuss user requirements with UBS
                    - to discuss requirements engineering process with KNAS
                    - to discuss technical things with KNAS
                    - maybe, same topics with FHBB

    any other person / purpose??



    What about the schedule? Is there already one? Is there time left
    for our user requirements specific stuff?
    ==>mw see my proposals above; but I think DFKI should fully be
    responsible for orgnizing the meeting; I'll not be around too
    M.Fricker can arrange Meeting rooms: DFKI please come up with a
    clear time table (I do not know, wheter we'll be able to book a
    room for 3 days. Marina Fricker will have a look at this


    What about the location? Zuerich or Basel? What about accomodation?
    Any hotel recommendations? No problem, if the hotel is not too
    expensive ;-)
    ==>mw It should be Zuerich (M.Fricker can help with the hotels)


    What about Michael Wolf? Will he attend the "awareness part"? Since he had
    already clear ideas about tool functionality: would it be possible to have
    bilateral DFKI-Wolf consultation, maybe also on Saturday or Sunday the 19th
    20th, resp.?

    ===>mw: Fiday 10.00-11.00


    Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:04:20 +0100
    From: Robert Ottiger <ottiger@swissonline.ch>
    To: Andreas Abecker <aabecker@dfki.uni-kl.de>
    CC: ronyoung@knowledgeassociates.com, m.bettoni@cim.fhbb.ch,
            todesco@wb.unizh.ch, michael.wolf@ubs.com,
            Gabriele.Sonnenberger@ubs.com, Marina.Fricker@ubs.com,
    Subject: Re: Knownet Working Meeting Dec 16-18

    Dear all

    Andreas Abecker wrote::

    > First of all: will the meeting take place? :-O

    The FHBB team hopes that the meeting will take place.

    > Who will take part in this meeting?

    We could attend the meeting as follows:
    Rolf Todesco: 16, 17, 18 Dec
    Marco Bettoni: 17 Dec
    Kurt Zwimpfer: 17, 18 Dec
    Robert Ottiger: either 16, 17, or 18 Dec (one day only)

    > main purpose of the meeting
    > ...........................
    > Ron Young (KNAS) - for KNOWLEDGER awareness creation at the UBS user site
    > Gabriele Sonnenberger + colleagues (UBS) - to become aware :-)

    FHBB team to became aware too:
    - have a good introduction in the practical
    use of KNOWLEDGER and profit of Ron Young's experience
     - discuss the use of  KNOWLEDGER for our own purpose (hypertext facilities

    > What about the location? Zuerich or Basel?

    We do not have any preferences.

    > bilateral meeting DFKI-FHBB possible/necessary? Maybe, not in
    > Zuerich, but elsewhere?

    To be discussed at the meeting Dec 16 - 18.

    Robert Ottiger

    Robert Ottiger          Tel./Fax: +41 (0)1 844 38 68
    Hinterdorfstrasse 9     e-mail: ottiger@swissonline.ch
    CH-8113 Boppelsen

    Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:23:20 +0100
    From: Pooja.GOYAL@insead.fr (Pooja GOYAL)
    Subject: Visit to Zurich
    To: aabecker@dfki.uni-kl.de

         Dear Andreas,

         Hi!!! I am coming to Zurich on 14th morning and will be there on 15th
         and 16th for interviews at UBS. I don't have the schedule of
         interviews yet. Let me know if you would be intersted in being there
         for the interviews.

         I will e mail you the schedule as soon as i have it.

         Looking forward to seeing you