Kleiner König Kalle Wirsch

My greatest hero: Kleiner König Kalle Wirsch

Some impressions from my last sporty high-performance: a "boule" tournament for rookies (August 2000)

Second edition: TV Bierbach Boule tournament in May 2001

es geht nix ueber ein aufgeräumtes Büro :-)

In the DFKI office in Spring 1999

der fliegende Vorstand im Turngau Saarpfalz

In my freetime, I practice highly acrobatic and very dangerous sports, always keen for elegant wardrobe

es geht nichts über eine kontrollierte Auflösung

I've always been a cornerstone (right below) of sports organization in my home region

private holidays in 1999: not paid by DFKI ! :-)

Genua, Italy, on the ferry to Tunis, before exploring Africa with the Landrover in Spring 1999

ECAI-98 in Brighton

DFKI salary is sufficient to afford an appropriate way of living: my small summer-house

... aber die Haltung laesst doch sehr zu wuenschen uebrig!

For our customers we turn upside down :-)

on the way to Mount McKinley

Apart from the spring-board, an aeroplane can also be fine for flying: flightseeing to Mount McKinley in Alaska in May 1998

Besuch bei Saarberg am Nordschacht

At DFKI we do really hard work

Immer noch bei Saarberg

Debugging programs can be a dirty business ...


... and working for Saarberg AG, too.

inzwischen hab' ich etwas abgenommen :-)

Some people say I can make a grim impression ... maybe they are right :-)

AA - WBR Vorbereitung Fruehjahr '98

Abi in action: preparing a review meeting for the DFKI Scientific Advisory Board in Spring 1998

EKAW-97 in Catalonia

Together with my friend and colleague Stefan Decker (University of Karlsruhe) at the European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop in Catalonia

Sant Feliu de Guixols

The EKAW-97 location: Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia, Spain

ECAI-96 in Budapest

Together with Harald Meyer auf'm Hofe in Budapest, Hungary, attending the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence ECAI-96

CeBIT in Hannover mit Mahdi Ben Hadj Ali

Presenting DFKI at CEBIT'95 in Hannover, Germany, here with Mahdi Ben Hadj Ali