From Hypermedia Information Retrieval to Knowledge Management in Enterprises.

Andreas Abecker, Michael Sintek, and Holger Wirtz

*German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, 
P.O. Box 2080, D-67608 Kaiserslautern, Germany, Email:

Abstract. We present a scenario for storage and exploitation of corporate knowledge assets. At the heart of an intelligent information infrastructure, the Organizational Memory (OM) holds and brings to beneficial use manifold kinds of multi- and hypermedia documents, as well as formal and non-formal knowledge. The scenario is grounded on advanced information retrieval (IR) technology--knowledge-rich methods for logic-based retrieval and conceptual indexing are the basis for its design. We focus on information modeling issues and introduce a comprehensive information-source description schema. The schema characterizes a knowledge item along the dimensions form (logical and layout structure, described in the Information Source Ontology), content (conceptual structure, described in the enterprise's Product Domain Ontology), and meta-content (context factors in terms of the Enterprise Ontology).

Keywords: information retrieval, information modeling, organizational memory, knowledge management

In: First International Forum on Multimedia & Image Processing (IFMIP'98). Anchorage, Alaska, USA. May 1998.


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