St Baumann, M. Malburg, H. Meyer auf`m Hofe, and C. Wenzel:
From Paper to a Corporate Memory - A First Step
K.-H. Bläsius, B. Grawemeyer, I. John, and N. Kuhn
Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Business Letters
M. Daniel, St. Decker, A. Domanetzki, Ch. Günther, E. Heimbrodt-Habermann, F. Höhn, A. Hoffmann, H. Röstel, R. Smit, R. Studer, R. Wegner:
ERBUS - Towards a Knowledge Mangement System for Designers
B. Dellen, H. Holz, G. Pews:
Knowledge Management mit CoMo-Kit
(in German)
M. Erdmann:
The Data Warehouse as a Means to Support Knowledge Management
H.-J. Frank:
Multimediale Wissensräume - Werkzeuge für Aufbau, Wartung und Nutzung eines gemeinschaftlichen Unternehmens-Gedächtnisses
(outline of a talk - in German)
C. Greiner and T. Rose:
Knowledge Management in Global Health Research Planning
D. Pun, C. McDonald, and J. Weckert:
A Framework for Knowledge Management Systems: A Proposal
U. Reimer:
Knowledge Integration for Building Organisational Memories
K. Romhardt:
Processes of Knowledge Preservation: Away from a Technology Dominated

F. Schmalhofer and J. S. Aitken:
The Acquisition of Novel Knowledge by Creative Re-Organizations
(abstract of a talk)
Ch. Snyder and L. Wilson:
Making the Tacit Explicit: The Intangible Assets Monitor in Software
M. Stolze:
Knowledge Management for Electronic Product Catalogs at IBM
(abstract of a talk)
G. Templeton and Ch. Snyder:
Toward a Method for Providing Database Structures Derived from an Ontological Specification Process: the Example of Knowledge Management
Ch. Wargitsch:
WorkBrain: Merging Organizational Memory and Workflow Management Systems
St. Wess:
Intelligente Systeme für den Customer Support
(in German - this paper will not be presented at the workshop)