Invited Talk

Knowledge Infrastructures:
Re-Engineering for Learning

Dr. Gertjan van Heijst
Arthur v. Schendelstraat 570, PO box 573, NL 3500 AN Utrecht, The Netherlands
tel: (++31) 30 2308900 fax: (++31) 30 2308999 email:

Powerpoint Presentation

Talk Abstract:

In this talk, I will present the knowledge infrastructure as a means for implementing a learning organization. Starting from an analysis of the types of learning processes that could (or should) occur in organizations, I will describe a number of mechanisms that organisations could install to maximize their learning capabilities. Together, these mechanisms form the knowledge infrastructure of the organisation. I will argue that the suitability of a particular knowledge infrastructure depends on the culture of the organization, the environment in which the organisation operates, and - most importantly - on the knowledge policy of the organization. Then, I will concentrate on ways in which information technology, and artificial intelligence in particular, can be used to implement 'knock your socks off' knowledge infrastructures.

Brief CV of Dr. van Heijst:

I studied psychology in Tilburg and cognitive Science in Nijmegen. I worked for 6 years at SWI at the university of Amsterdam with Bob Wielinga and Guus Schreiber on several Esprit Projects (KADS, GAMES-II, Acknowledge). Wrote a PhD thesis 'the role of ontologies in knowledge engineering' in 1995. I now work for almost two years as a knowledge management consultant, and I've done projects with Dutch Railways, Dutch Police, several financial institutions and government.

Selected Publications: