Business Rules' Approach to the Modelling, Design, and Implementation of Agent-Oriented Information Systems

Kuldar Taveter

VTT Information Technology
(Technical Research Centre of Finland)
P.O.Box 1201, FIN-02044 VTT, Finland
Tel. +358 9 456 6044, fax +358 9 456 6027


We propose an approach where the modelling, design, and implementation of agent-oriented information systems is based on business rules. By using an example of car rental, we show how the process of agent-oriented modelling and design could look like. It starts from the modelling of autonomous functional units of an organization by agents, and continues by modelling a common understanding of the problem domain and its business rules for the agents by creating an ontology. We show how business rules can be further expressed through beliefs and goals of the agents, and how business processes can be described through repetitive setting and realization of the agents' goals, and through high-level communication between the agents. We also show how beliefs and goals of such agents can be implemented as a combination of hybrid knowledge and procedural reasoning.