Papers: KAW'99

Twelfth Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management

Voyager Inn, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Saturday 16 to Thursday 21 October, 1999

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1. Knowledge Acquisition for Requirements Engineering
Daniela E. Damian, Armin Eberlein, Mildred L. G. Shaw & Brian R. Gaines Studies in Distributed Software Requirements Engineering University of Calgary Daniela Damian
Virginia Dignum & Klaus Heimannsfeld Knowledge management for requirements engineering Arthur Andersen,
The Netherlands
Klaus Heimannsfeld
Ricardo Moura & Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia DKAT: A Knowledge Configuration Tool applied to Design Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil Ricardo Moura
Daniela E. Herlea, Catholijn M. Jonker, Jan Treur & Niek J.E. Wijngaards  A Formal Knowledge Level Process Model of Requirements Engineering University of Calgary & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Niek J.E. Wijngaards
Y. Renucci, C. Frydman, L. Torres, N. Giambiasi & M. Le Goc Extended Event Graphs for Acquiring and Modeling Control Requirements France Claudio Frydman
M. Le Goc Ontological models as shared model to validate a knowledge-based systems France M. Le Goc
J. Silva, L. Mantock, K.S. Barber, T. Graser, P. Grisham and S. Jernigan The Knowledge-based Integrated Design and Development Environment (KIDDE) -- Integrating a Formal KA Process and Requirements Representation with a JAD/RAD Development Approach University of Texas at Austin -
Laboratory for Intelligent Processes and Systems
Suzanne Barber

2. Knowledge Management and Knowledge Distribution throughout the Internet
Alexandre Faure & Gilles Bisson Modeling the Experience Feedback Loop to improve Knowledge Base reuse in industrial environment PSA Peugeot Citroën & INRIA Rhône-Alpes Alexandre Faure
Frank Maurer & Harald Holz Process-Oriented Knowledge Management for Learning Software Organizations University of Calgary & University of Kaiserslautern Frank Maurer
Piet-Hein Speel, Nigel Shadbolt, Wouter de Vries, Piet Hein van Dam & Kieron O?Hara Knowledge Mapping for Industrial Purposes Unilever Research, The Netherlands; University of Nottingham & Loders Croklaan B.V, The Netherlands Piet-Hein Speel
Jean Caussanel & Eugène Chouraqui Model and Methodology of Knowledge Capitalization for Small and Medium Enterprises Domaine Universitaire de Saint-Jérôme, France Jean Caussanel
Walt Scacchi & Andre Valente Developing a Knowledge Web for Business Process Redesign (review copy) University of Southern California Andre Valente
Hans Akkermans, Piet-Hein Speel & Alex Ratcliffe Problem, Opportunity, and Feasibility Analysis for Knowledge Management - An Industrial Case Study Free University Amsterdam VUA & Unilever Research Vlaardingen Hans Akkermans
Tamara Sumner, John Domingue & Zdenek Zdrahal  Moving from On-the-job Training towards Organisational Learning The Open University, UK & British Aerospace Zdenek Zdrahal

3. Knowledge Engineering for Intelligent Agent and Internet Applications
Roberto Flores-Méndez, Niek Wijngaards Primitive Interaction Protocols for Agents in a Dynamic Environment University of Calgary & Vrije Universiteit, The Neatherlands Roberto Flores-Méndez
Frances M.T. Brazier, Catholijn M. Jonker & Jan Treur Compositional Design and Reuse of a Generic Agent Model Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Frances Brazier
Franck Lesage, Pierrick Tranouez & Alain Cardon A multiagent based prediction of the evolution of knowledge with multiple points of view Université du Havre & Université Paris VI Franck Lesage
Weiming Shen, Douglas H. Norrie & Rob Kremer Towards an Infrastructure for Internet Enabled Collaborative Agent Systems University of Calgary Rob Kremer

4. Cost-Effective Development and Use of Ontologies and Problem Solving Methods
A. J. Duineveld, R. Stoter, M. R. Weiden, B. Kenepa & V. R. Benjamins Wondertools?  A comparative study of ontological engineering tools (more info) University of Amsterdam Richard Benjamins
Natalya Fridman Noy & Mark A. Musen SMART: Automated Support for Ontology Merging and Alignment Stanford University Natalya Fridman Noy
Henrik Eriksson, Raymond Fergerson, Yuval Shahar & Mark A. Musen Automatic Generation of Ontology Editors Linkoping University & Stanford University Henrik Eriksson
Floor Verdenius & Maarten van Someren Top-down design and construction of knowledge-based systems with manual and inductive techniques ATO-DLO & University of Amsterdam Floor Verdenius
Pascal Beys & Machiel Jansen Automatic Reuse of Knowledge: A Theory University of Amsterdam Pascal Beys
Heiner Stuckenschmidt Problem Solving Methods for Efficient Reasoning Under Uncertainty University of Bremen Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Pim Borst, Edwin van der Wal & Piet-Hein Speel Developing a Library of Domain Models Using Commercial Tools Unilever Research Vlaardingen, The Netherlands Pim Borst
John H. Gennari & Mark Ackerman Extra-Technical Information for Method Libraries University of California Irvine John H. Gennari
Robert Jasper & Mike Uschold A Framework for Understanding and Classifying Ontology Applications Boeing Mike Uschold
Mike Uschold, Rob Jasper & Peter Clark Three Approaches for Knowledge Sharing: A Comparative Analysis Boeing Mike Uschold
Thomas Russ, Andre Valente, Robert MacGregor & William Swartout Practical Experiences in Trading Off Ontology Usability and
University of Southern California Thomas Russ
Enrico Motta, Simon Buckingham-Shum & John Domingue Ontology-Driven Document Enrichment: Principles and Case Studies The Open University, UK John Domingue
Jim Blythe & Yolanda Gil A Problem-Solving Method for Plan Evaluation and Critiquing University of Southern California Jim Blythe
Andre Valente, Yolanda Gil & William Swartout LIBRA: A Library of Knowledge Components for EXPECT (review copy) University of Southern California William Swartout
James Cupit, Nigel Shadbolt, Peter Cheng, & David Peebles Compiling Ontologies into Structured Views and Interviews : The Design of A Diagrammatic Knowledge Acquisition Tool The University of Nottingham James Cupit

5. Ontologies and Metadata for Knowledge Retrieval
Peter C. Weinstein & William P. Birmingham Comparing Concepts in Differentiated Ontologies University of Michigan Peter Weinstein
Gerd Stumme Hierarchies of Conceptual Scales Technische Universität Darmstadt Gerd Stumme
Robert E. Kent Conceptual Knowledge Markup Language: The Central Core Washington State University Robert Kent
Vipul Kashyap Design and Creation of Ontologies for Environmental Information Retrieval MCC, Austin Texas Vipul Kashyap
Oscar Corcho & Asunción Gómez-Pérez Guidelines to Study Difference in Expressiveness between Ontology Specification Languages: A Case Study (seems to be a bad file try the review copy) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Asunción Gómez-Pérez
Michael Erdmann & Rudi Studer Ontologies as Conceptual Models for XML Documents University of Karlsruhe Michael Erdmann

6. Evaluation of KA methodologies
Tim Menzies hQkb- The High Quality Knowledge Base Initiative (Sisyphus V: Learning Design Assessment Knowledge) NASA Tim Menzies
Yuval Shahar & Mark A. Musen Evaluation of a Temporal-Abstraction Knowledge-Acquisition Tool Stanford University Yuval Shahar
Markus Nick, Klaus-Dieter Althoff & Carsten Tautz Facilitating the Practical Evaluation of Knowledge-Based Systems and Organizational Memories Using the Goal-Question-Metric Technique Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering Markus Nick
Marcelo Tallis, Jihie Kim, & Yolanda Gil User Studies of Knowledge Acquisition Tools: Methodology and Lessons Learned University of Southern California Jihie Kim
Asunción Gómez-Pérez Evaluation of Taxonomic Knowledge in Ontologies and Knowledge Bases (seems to be a bad file, try the review copy) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Asunción Gómez-Pérez

7. Tools for Adding Domain Knowledge to a Knowledge Base
Ghassan Beydoun and Achim Hoffmann Hierarchical Incremental Knowledge Acquisition University of New South Wales Achim Hoffmann
Jihie Kim & Yolanda Gil Deriving Expectations to Guide Knowledge Base Creation University of Southern California Jihie Kim
Stefan Schulz, Martin Romacker, Giovanni Faggioli & Udo Hahn From Knowledge Import to Knowledge Finishing: Automatic Acquisition and Semi-Automatic Refinement of Medical Knowledge Freiburg University Udo Hahn
Debbie Richards & Paul Compton Revisiting Sisyphus I - An Incremental Approach to Resource Allocation using Ripple Down Rules Macquarie University & University of New South Wales Paul Compton
Dickson Lukose, Simon Pritchard, Said Neshab, Ashley Lee, Sajid Hussen, Jon Clawley, Philip Jackson, Chris Hare, Tony Bayliss, Mike Hawcutts & Alex Bdar TAPS: Knowledge Management System Brightware Inc, USA; ISIS Technology Solutions Ltd, Intra-Team IT Consultants, Andrew Lesley Lawrence Ltd., UK Dickson Lukose
William E. Grosso, Henrik Eriksson, Ray W. Fergerson, John H. Gennari, Samson W. Tu, & Mark A. Musen Knowledge Modeling at the Millennium (The Design and Evolution of Protégé-2000) Stanford University, Linköping University & University of California (Irvine) William Grosso
Jim Blythe & Surya Ramachandran Knowledge Acquisition using an English-Based Method Editor University of Southern California Surya Ramachandran
J.-F. Baget, D. Genest & M.-L. Mugnier Knowledge Acquisition with a Pure Graph-Based  Knowledge Representation Model -- Application to the Sisyphus-I Case Study France Jean-Francois Baget

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