The Mymory Project


If you want to join our team, e.g., as a guest researcher or student, please contact the project leader.
Also visit our page for students for open job positions, thesis topics., etc.

Principal Investigator

Project Leader


Associated Researchers

Software Engineer

Student Assistants

  • Torsten Bender
    • Torsten is working on his diploma thesis about context separation with the help of statistical information retrieval methods and based on eye tracking information.
  • Florian Mittag
    • Florian develops the JAVA library for handling the Tobii Eye Tracker as well as the filter chain framework for attention/eye tracking data.
  • Andreas Wagner
    • Andreas' thesis is about analyzing the user's web browsing activities and developing an interface to re-find previously visited web pages.

Project Mentor

Former Members

Associated Researchers

Thesis Students

Student Assistants

  • Ralf Biedert
  • Björn Endres
  • Jan-Adrian Götza
  • Moritz Plössl


  • Matthias Käppler
    • Matthias developed semantic search within a wiki, employing techniques inspired by faceted browsing.
  • Paul Pichota
    • Paul worked on improved manual annotation of wiki pages.

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