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This page links to (open source) software developed in Mymory.


Servicia is an infrastructure for building and running service-oriented systems with all vital properties with minimum burden for the developers. The framework focuses on an environment where

  • different software components and services are developed by various people, usually not software engineers but researchers.
  • the components should be easily assembled to prototypical software systems,
  • multiple instances of such a system may run in parallel,
  • the use of the file-system as storage backend is allowed,
  • some of the components may run in separate address-spaces (on other virtual machines),
  • services/components ideally use their functionality via method invocations when running in the same address space but the components should also be accessible via a standard web-protocols,
  • non-java components (written, for example in javascript) should also be able to communicate with the services,
  • developers should not be bothered with technical details of invoking other services, like generating stubs.

Overview presentation for Servicia: PPS

XML-RPC Delight

XML-RPC Delight is a lightweight approach to developing JAVA components which can be connected by a web-based protocol.

XML-RPC Delight is delivered under the LGPL license on the opendfki platform. Please visit


The PHASE-Libs comprise a set of various algorithms with a layered architecture for the purpose of Ontology Alignment. Initial development was accomplished in the EPOS project.

The PHASE-Libs are delivered under the LGPL license on the opendfki platform. Please visit

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