The Mymory Project


Core Research Question

How can a knowledge worker interpret his increasingly fragmented work processes as a coherent whole?
  • Knowledge work requires "multi-tasking capabilities"
    • The user is embedded in a multitude of processes.
    • Many processes are emerging and changing at a rapid pace.
    • Processes are often intersecting: Tasks run in parallel.
    • The user has to keep track of and switch between processes / tasks.
  • The representation of the user context model has to incorporate this multi-tasking aspect
    • Multiple context threads divide the user’s context and separate the contextual elements (CEs) in the user's context.
    • The CEs contribute to different, maybe multiple, context threads. However: For the user only one context thread is "active" at a time.

Mymory will recognize context threads based on attention-enhanced context models.
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