The Mymory Project


Core Research Question

How can state-of-the-art technology be used to assess a user’s attention during knowledge work?
  • Text comprehension is a central aspect of document-centered knowledge work
  • User attention is a basis for subsequent comprehension processes
  • Explicit measurement of attention is out of reach
  • State-of-the-art technology allows for unobtrusive evidence generation for user attention
    • The user’s attentional state & focus is estimated
      • using webcam and eye tracking technology.
    • The text work recognition module
      • uses eye tracking + visible text area + scroll + mouse events.
      • classifies visible text passages: read / skimmed / unread / …
    • Interaction devices explicitly provide attention data
      • e.g., usage of a digital stylus to highlight interesting text passages
    • Connections to the physical environment come into reach
      • e.g., recognition of bar codes / RFID tags on books

Mymory exploits multiple sources of evidence for assessing user attention.

Attention Generation from Multiple Sources

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