The Mymory Project


Integrative application: The Connected, Context-aware, Creative Document Workspace (C3DW)

Goal of the C3DW work package is to integrate the various research threads into a comprehensive application environment in order to

    • provide a basis for jointly discussing the core scientific assumptions, and
    • investigate the interplay between abstract concepts in IT support for people-focused Knowledge Management, their reflection in the virtual interfaces and the physical environment.

The "Ideal" Mymory Desktop

The design of the prototypical Mymory desktop reflects the logical structure of the software:

  • The center is dominated by the document workplace: The Semantic Wiki system Kaukolu supports document production and comprehension; based on gaze data gathered by an eye tracker, the reading mode (reading, skimming) is detected and the document is being enriched with this information. Also, a touch sensitive surface can be used to annotate documents with highlightings, freehand scribbles, or concepts of a formal knowledge base.
  • The left hand screen supports navigation in the knowledge worker's contexts as well as context switches.
  • The right hand screen serves as display and interaction area for information support, e.g., by the attention-enhanced desktop search engine, by web search, or by pro-active information delivery triggered by the user's current context.

Structure of the Mymory Desk
Mymory Desk

Being well aware that in realistic office environments often not all features may be implemented, various aspects of this "ideal" Mymory desktop have been realized in the project's lab environment and in the LivingLab demo room.

Two prototypical realizations of the Mymory Desk
Mymory Desk

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