The Mymory Project


Core Research Question

How can attention data be exploited for improved information delivery services?
  • Widespread desktop search engines neglect local retrieval knowledge
    • Relevancy is determined by standard similarity measures.
    • Personalization is a weakly-integrated add-on (query expansion, presentation tailoring).
  • Deep integration of context knowledge adapts information retrieval to the user’s needs and views
    • Informed local search realizes user-perspective similarity measures.
    • This is the basis for more precise situation-specific relevance assessments.
  • Attention data provides valuable knowledge for improved retrieval services
    • as heuristics to partition documents
    • as implicit and context-sensitive query extension and relevance feedback
    • as additional information with retrieved documents (re-finding and re-presenting)

Mymory will deliver a retrieval model that integrates vector space models with fuzzy attention data.
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