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!!!Core Research Question
''How can context and attention models be used to support knowledge workers with constructing meaning from information?''
* Sensemaking is at the heart of interdisciplinary KM research
** Cognitive & social psychology (e.g., Dervin)
** Organizational sciences (e.g., Weick, Wiig)
** Information sciences (cf. Case)
** Artificial Intelligence (e.g., Furnas, Russell, Stefik, Card)
* Construction of meaning from complex information is
** situation-oriented
** goal-oriented
** knowledge-driven
* Attentive documents carry valuable knowledge for their context-oriented interpretation, e.g., by maintaining relations to
** to their creation context
** to the way they have been perceived (e.g., which parts have been skimmed over, carefully read, not been perceived)
* Mental model representations reflect a user's
** knowledge
** tasks, goals
__''Meaning'' is constructed as a result of ''coordination processes'' between these mental model representations and the models contained in attentive documents.__

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