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%%(color:green;font-size:150%)''My''mory - Situated Documents in Personal Information Spaces%%
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!!! Vision: %%(color:green)Weaving Your ''Personal'' Web%%
The vision of ''My''mory is
* to employ technologies for [Unobtrusive User Observation] in order to create relations between information items that are meaningful to the user in his specific context,
* to use [Attention Evidence for More Precise Information Delivery], and
* to provide mechanisms of [Meaning Coordination to Facilitate Reusability] of knowledge among different contexts.
Ultimately, ''My''mory will lead to a __personal memory for knowledge workers__ which is not only a passive storage, but also proactively supports context-driven structuring of its content and user-perspective interpretation and incorporation of arriving information.
Results of the various project lines will be demonstrated within the [C3DW Application|C3DW]:\\
The ''C''onnected, ''C''ontext-aware, ''C''reative ''D''ocument ''W''orkspace which will be embedded in an enriched physical desktop environment.
[{Image src='images/mymorycircle.png' align='center' width='100%' alt='Mymory Cycle' caption='The Mymory Support Cycle' border='0' style='font-size: 120%; color: green;'}]
!!! Project Context
''My''mory is the latest in a series of projects investigating IT support for Organizational Knowledge Management:
* In [Knowmore|] (1997-1999), we developed our concept of ''Organizational Memories'' (OMs) as enterprise information infrastructures that provide active, context-sensitive knowledge delivery.\\
* [FRODO|] (2000-2002) extended [Knowmore|]'s view towards ''Distributed Organizational Memories'' which don't rely so much on centralized structures, but allowed for evolutionary buildup of and co-operation between several smaller OMs.\\
* In [EPOS|] (2003-2005), we concentrated on the knowledge worker's perspective by investigating how effort in personal knowledge management can be optimized for his own benefit as well as for improving the Organizaional Memory.\\
With its strong focus on the individual knowledge worker, ''Mymory'' continues this line of thinking.
!!! Project Duration
1.1.2006 - 31.12.2008
''My''mory is funded by the [Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung|] ([Federal Ministry of Education and Research|]) under grant 01 IW F01.
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