KnowMore: Knowledge Management for Learning Organisations

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Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets of businesses and an important factor for production and competition. In spite of this, the intellectual potential of businesses is not usually used or cultivated to the full. Specialists spend a large amount of their working hours looking for information, due to staff turnover a lot of valuable experience is lost, in decision making relevant information is not taken into consideration. The key factors of the companies of the future are: to expand knowledge, to make individual knowledge permanently available to the company and to use existing knowledge optimally.

Human knowledge assimilation (processing), which is marked by creativity and intuition, cannot be replaced by formal knowledge processing by the computer. The computer can however support the quality of human decisions and problem solving considerably, in that it makes important information available in its application context. The long-term vision of the KnowMore project is to create a computer system, which as Organizational Memory delivers the basis of technical information so as to retrieve existing information specifically. Additionally the employees will be supported and encouraged to write down current experiences. By techniques of information extraction and knowledge structuring these will be integrated into the Organizational Memory and therefore available to the whole knowledge of the company. This is how an Organizational Memory supports/ organisational learning as it stores and distributes individual knowledge.

So as to avoid wasting time in a search, the Organizational Memory has to be integrated into the work of the user and give relevant information automatically. This is only possible with the compliance of the task context. On top of this the system can make use of the advantages of automatic knowledge processing and can solve parts of the tasks automatically and make suggestions for decisions or check the user's solutions.

Sponsor BMBF - Federal Ministry for Research, Technology, Education and Science
Coordinator Dr. Knut Hinkelmann (til 1998), Ansgar Bernardi
Duration April 1997 - March 1999

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Erwin-Schrödinger-Straße (Bau 57)
67663 Kaiserslautern
Contact Dipl.-Inform. Ansgar Bernardi
Phone 0631/205-3582
Fax 0631/205-3210

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