Options for RDFSViz

RDF Schema namespace

This namespace is used to parse the RDFS file. If a wrong namespace is selected the RDFSViz tool will not render any node.

Non-literal properties

The following display options are available:

Hide literal-valued properties

When this option is selected, no literal-valued property appears in the generated graph. Otherwise, these properties appear as additional slots in the corresponding class nodes.

Show namespaces

Selecting this option causes RDFSViz to print out namespace information for each class and property name. To keep readability, an abbreviation for every namespace is generated and used in the graph. This option is disabled by default.

Show schema nodes

When selected, RDF Schema nodes are also displayed in the graph.


Here you can select the colors of nodes (font and background), edges representing the subclass hierarchy, and edges depicting non-literal properties.

Aspect Ratio

By enabling the aspect ratio, one can force a certain height-width ratio. This can be usefull when the automatically layouted graph tends to be too wide.

Additional messages

Additional information about the grapher parameter settings are displayed in the result HTML page.

Dot version

Here you can choose between graphviz-1.7c (available as executable package for various platforms) and a patched graphviz-1.7.9. Version 1.7c has some font scaling problems. Some node labels are sometimes misaligned.
Version 1.7.9 introduces new edge routing routines but, as it is not an official release, tends to crash, especially when namespace display is enabled. Download the graphviz tool here.