DFKI Publications by Schmalhofer, Franz



with Jörg Thoben , Thomas Reinartz
Wiederholungs-, Varianten- und Neuplanung bei der Fertigung rotationssymmetrischer Drehteile


with Otto Kühn , Gabriele Schmidt
Integrated Knowledge Acquisition for Lathe Production Planning: a Picture Gallery (Integrierte Wissensakquisition zur Fertigungsplanung für Drehteile: eine Bildergalerie)


Maschinelles Lernen: Eine kognitionswissenschaftliche Betrachtung


with Ludger van Elst
Entwicklung von Expertensystemen: Prototypen, Tiefenmodellierung und kooperative Wissensevolution


with Harold Boley , Andreas Abecker , Knut Hinkelmann , Otto Kühn , Manfred Meyer , Harald Meyer auf'm Hofe , Holger Wache
VEGA Knowledge Validation and Exploration by Global Analysis


with Otto Kühn , Gabriele Schmidt
Integrated Knowledge Acquisition from Text, Previously Solved Cases, and Expert Memories


with A. Bernardi , H. Boley , Ph. Hanschke , K. Hinkelmann , Ch. Klauck , O. Kühn , R. Legleitner , M. Meyer , M. M. Richter , G. Schmidt , W. Sommer
ARC-TEC: Acquisition, Representation and Compilation of Technical Knowledge


with Ralf Bergmann , Otto Kühn , Gabriele Schmidt
Using integrated knowledge acquisition to prepare sophisticated expert plans for their re-use in novel situations


with Thomas Reinartz , Bidjan Tschaitschian
Intelligent documentation as a catalyst for developing cooperative knowledge-based systems


with Jörg Thoben
The model-based construction of a case-oriented expert system


with J. Stuart Aitken , Lyle E. Bourne jr.
Beyond the Knowledge Level: Descriptions of Rational Behavior for Sharing and Reuse


with Christoph Globig , Jörg Thoben
The refitting of plans by a human expert


with Otto Kühn
Hierarchical skeletal plan refinement:
Task- and inference structures


with Andreas Abecker , Harold Boley , Knut Hinkelmann , Holger Wache
An Environment for Exploring and Validating Declarative Knowledge



with Susanne Biundo
Proceedings of the DFKI Workshop on Planning

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