DFKI Publications by Müller, Jörg P.



Design and Implementation of a Finite Domain Constraint Logic Programming System based on PROLOG with Coroutining


with Harold Boley , Philipp Hanschke , Martin Harm , Knut Hinkelmann , Thomas Labisch , Manfred Meyer , Thomas Oltzen , Michael Sintek , Werner Stein , Frank Steinle
muCAD2NC: A Declarative Lathe-Workplanning Model Transforming CAD-like Geometries into Abstract NC Programs


with Manfred Meyer
Weak Looking-Ahead and its Application in Computer-Aided Process Planning


with Markus Pischel
The Agent Architecture InteRRaP: Concept and Application


with Klaus Fischer , Markus Pischel
Cooperative Transportation Scheduling
an application Domain for DAI


with Jürgen Müller , Markus Pischel , Ralf Scheidhauer
On the Representation of Temporal Knowledge


with Klaus Fischer , Markus Pischel
Unifying Control in a Layered Agent Architecture

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